This page is API page for developers

API in uses a get method to send a URL.
The created short link will be back in Json

Testing environment api


The api key of the Testing environment is slkpwapikeydev

production environment api


If you want an api key for production environment, please submit application form.

How to use api?

We will send short URL and secret API KEY with get method.
Data ID to be sent with get method


The data of Json coming back

When it is normal

{"request-data":"Your request URL","short-url":"URL of short link created"}



Json error code

Link error

link error has 2 pattern

API key error

API key error has 2 pattern

system error

{"system error":"please do it once more"}
This error occurs when an error occurs in the system. Please try again

Other error

Please contact us if an error not shown here occurs

API KEY request form